I've Moved!


Hey friends! You may or may not have noticed that things have been on the slow side here for like.. ever. My desings have been taking a lot of my time, but now I have finally taken the plunge and combined my shop with my blog. I've been working on it for a couple months and even though it isn't quite perfect  yet, the site is finally to a point that I am ready to share! I am hoping that this will make everything easier for me to keep up with so I can excel at both my shop and my blog, although my shop will now be the main focus. Head to Breezy & Co. to join the party and be sure to follow along on social media with @breezyandco.

Thanks again for all your support with this blog throughout the years. I can't wait to see where this next adventure takes me and I hope you will follow along! xo



I love makeup as much as the next girl but I have never been able to master the whole highlighting, contouring, smoky eye, winged liner thing so I usually end up with a basic face of eyeshadow and a bit of mascara. It works, but I also look like a super tired mom all the time, so I have been wanting to step up my makeup game! I have been begging my cousin Hannah to make me pretty ever since she started in esthetics school, and our schedules finally synced up enough to get it done! (Which really means we forced our toddlers to take a nap at the same time so we could have a couple hours to play dress-up, obviously.)
I honestly can't believe I am posting a picture of me so makeup free on the Internet, but I am hoping that people will just be so amazed by the gorgeousness of the "after" makeup that they will forget that I look like a large, sleepy gremlin in the "before" picture. Seriously though, is Hannah amazing or what? She did my makeup for my wedding and has always had a natural ability for it, but now she has gone through school and trained in LA with amazing artists like Lilit Caradanian and Kandee Johnson, she is at a whole new level. I felt like a total bride babe with my face all done (and my greasy hair) so I made Scott take me out on a fancy Olive Garden date to celebrate the only day this year that I will look so fancy.
Side note: Jack is in a phase where every time he sees a camera, he says "SMILE!" but he won't actually smile, and Scott is in a phase where he walks in circles while he takes my picture, so all our shots end up looking similar to this, if not blurrier and less attractive. Life with kids, am I right?
Anyway, in between forcing Hannah to shape my eyebrows, contour my face, give me eyelash extensions and hide all my zits, we gave her a little makeover of her own in the form of a new website and blog to share her talents as she starts on her journey as a makeup artist and master esthetician! I am absolutely thrilled with the way it turned out because it is so Hannah and I am excited for what new and beautiful things she is going to bring to the blogging world. She just published her first post about some perfect fall lip colors that won't break the bank, so go take a look, show her some love and welcome her to the world of sharing your life on the Internet! xo

Free Visiting Teaching Printable: October 2015


How is it already October? I still feel like it summer and now it will be Christmas before we know it! With how fast this year is going, I am pretty proud of myself that I got this Visiting Teaching printable done before the end of the month this time. ;) This month's Visiting Teaching message focuses on the charity and love of Christ and how we can all emulate that in our own lives. This quote from President Monson really stood out to me this month because I don't think I ever realized what charity truly meant before. I have always assumed charity was directly related to tithing, so if I paid my 10% every month, I was covered! This quote made me realize that charity is so much more, so I am excited to display this printable in my home as a reminder to be more patient, understanding and accepting of the sisters I visit teach as well as everyone I come in contact with.
You can view the rest of the message for this month here and download the printable below. The final product comes two to a page for easy printing and won't have the watermark. You can also click on the either picture in this post to pin them to Pinterest for future reference! Let me know if you have any problems and be sure to tag @breezyandco / #breezyandco in any pictures you post with your printable so I can see them in action.