etsy favorites for baby + giveaway.

I don't know if y'all know this, but I am obsessed with Etsy. I love that it gives creatives a chance to share their talent with the world and the variety of gifts you can find. Some of my very favorite items for Jack are handmade, but of course, I have a HUGE running wish list of things to buy for him in the future. I thought I would share a few of the things I am currently drooling over so y'all can join in my handmade obsession. You'll thank me later, even if your bank account won't! :)

ONE // I love using cloth bootie shoes for the babe. They stay on his feet better than any other shoe and are so breathable! I am in love with this cute lumberjack style from Bison Booties and can't wait to get some for little man's toesies!

TWO // I am pretty sure I always dreamed of having a teepee reading nook of my very own when I was a kid, so I am hoping to be able to get one for Jack when he is just a little older. This black & white striped one from BE Little You and Me is just perfect for a little man's adventures. PLUS Kourtney Kardashian has one, so you know it rocks.

THREE // I follow Alexandra Rose on Instagram and I have been saving up to get a drool bib + teething ring + burp cloth combo for Jack before he starts the teething craziness. She has all the cutest prints and they are all organic soft cotton! I might need to even get him some leggings as well.

FOUR // Jack has three bow ties from Eola Ella, along with quite a few from some other shops, and we love Eola Ella's best of all. There are so many prints to choose from and I love that they have a strap with velcro. I definitely plan on getting him a thousand more, because let's be honest... A boy can never have too many bow ties.

FIVE // We are in the process of decorating Jack's nursery, and this "Be Wild & Free" print is the perfect saying & size for his adventure-themed room! Inky Creative has a variety of these large prints at a super affordable price, so I may or may not get more than just one. :)

SIX // I'm obsessed with buying cute stuffed animals for the little man, and handmade are the best kind! I stumbled across Super Sock Monkeys and fell in love with all their adorable sock animals! I am saving up to get the giraffe, but I am pretty sure we will end up with at least three.

How great is all this handmade goodness? Are you obsessing over it like I am? Well, then you are in luck! These lovely ladies and myself have teamed up to bring you the chance to win a $100 Etsy gift card. You're welcome. :) Enter using the Rafflecopter below and support handmade business!


Giveaway will run from 12:00 am EST on April 22nd until 11:59 pm EST on April 28th. All entries will be verified so please be honest! Good luck to you! :) a Rafflecopter giveaway


twelve months of jack | month four.

Can my little bubba be four months old already?  I know, I say it every month but seriously! Time really has flown by.  His little personality is starting to show through with his constant laughs, squeals, and little giggles... He is so fun to be around! We are very, very lucky to have him in our family.
 photo DSC04319_zps99738eaa.jpg
 photo DSC04315_zps2e32f576.jpg


WEIGHT: 15 pounds (43%)
HEIGHT: 24 inches (35%)

 photo DSC04340_zps5438510a.jpg
At four months, Jack has the sweetest laugh, loves going on walks, staring at himself in the mirror, and playing with his toy football, and would spend all day in the bath tub if we let him (which is quite a turnaround from his days of dreading tub time!) Kicking things is still his favorite past time and he is constant smiles. He is sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hour stretches at night and sleeps in until at least 10 every morning, which we obviously love. He hardly cries, unless he misses one of his ever-so-loved naps, has to get his toenails clipped, or doesn't get some boobie juice precisely every two hours.
We started him on solids this past week in an effort to give momma a break from the constant feedings! We started with bananas and he loved it. He kept grunting when I didn't get the spoon loaded up fast enough and would lunge for the spoon every time I got it within six inches of his mouth. I am glad that he seems to love solids so far! Here's to hoping he doesn't turn out to be a picky monster like his mom. We plan to make all of our own baby food so I am excited for all the fun combinations we can try! Any veteran moms out there have any baby food tips or recipes? I would love to hear as I am basically clueless when it comes to this new stage in the little guy's life.  You can also expect me to be sharing some of our favorite flavor combinations here in a few weeks.

Here's to another month of playing house with our sweet baby Jack!