Kid Friendly Date Ideas

There is nothing I love more than going on dates with my husband, but after Jack's rambunctious behavior scared off a babysitter, we decided that we were never going to get to date unless we found some ideas where we could drag the little guy along with as well. These are some of our favorite "date nights" that we now do as an entire family! Granted, I haven't yet tested them with more than one kid, but for our purposes, they work very well!
Dinner and a Movie:
As incredibly basic as this idea is, it's also one of our favorite activities. Although movie theaters are a terrible idea with a toddler, we love to order takeout from our favorite place, bring the high chair into the living room and chat while watching a show we have seen a million times. In fact, dinner & a movie can turn almost any night into "date night!"

The Aquarium:
The aquarium is perfect for a family date night because there is something for everyone! The little guy loves all the fun colors and watching the "fshh" swim around, husband loves the 4D movies and ice cream they offer, and I could stare at the penguins all day long. We have to be sure to go during an off time, though, because it can get pretty cramped with all the other families staring at the cool underwater animals! We love being able to go even when it's cold outside, and enjoy the zoo when it's a bit warmer.

Long Walks:
Luckily for us, the weather here in Utah has been insanely warm this winter, so we are able to take walks whenever we want! Jack loves the independence of being to walk along all on his own, and we love being able to get in some exercise while wearing him out! Granted, the little guy tries to eat leaves and run into stranger's houses every chance he gets, but it makes for a fun adventure and lots of good conversation. We look forward to when he is a little older and he can ride his bike along while we walk or jog!

Outlet Mall:
I don't know about you, but I love to window shop and so does my husband! Although I know I don't have money to buy anything, I still enjoy browsing through all the fun sales at our local outlet mall. Jack loves to run and play in all the clothing racks while being chased and told "NO!" by daddy, and we always end the somewhat exhausting night with ice cream. This is probably the date night we do least because, although it is one of Jack's favorite things, we usually don't have the energy to keep up with him. :)

Dance Party:
Jack LOVES music, so there is nothing more fun by getting our energy out by blasting tunes, jumping around and laughing until our belly's hurt. He thinks it is pretty funny to see us jamming out, and again, its a win-win because it tires him out before bedtime. Then, of course, we put him to bed and have some actual grown-up, baby free time!

As fun as having date nights as a whole family, I won't lie.. It's pretty nice when I can put the baby to bed and get that one on one time with my husband. You other moms know what I am talking about! I have teamed up with the five ladies below to giveaway a one month Datelivery gift subscription to two lucky winners so you can make the most of the alone time you get with your lover! Datelivery boxes are perfect for any couple open to experiencing new, exciting, fun and unique date nights.

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First Birthday Gift Guide Part Two | NEED

Hello again! Who is ready for part two of the First Birthday Gift Guide? I had the best intentions of getting all four parts done before Jack's birthday but obviously, I failed. However, now I can speak from experience as to what purchases are actually worth the money and y'all can learn from my mistakes throughout this four part guide. Although it's not much, here are a few of the things we felt Jack "needed" for his first birthday.
 photo need-list_zps4c616c5f.png
1. Re-play Recycled // Now that Jack is pretty much self-feeding 100% of the time, we thought it would be smart to get him some kid friendly dishes & utensils. I love Re-play because they are made from recycled milk jugs, come in the brightest, most fun colors and are so easy to throw in the dishwasher to clean up. The shallow plates are perfect for learning to use utensils, as well! We are definitely glad we bought him a set for his birthday.

2. Freshly Picked Moccasins // I could probably put these on every gift guide I have done or ever will do because they are amazing. Technically these could fall under the "WEAR" portion of the gift guide, but if you have ever owned a pair, you know they are a "NEED!" They are unbelievably soft, amazing for kids who are learning to walk, and come in the cutest colors and patterns. They are a bit pricey but if you are local and can go to their warehouse sales, they are about 50% off and worth every penny.

3. Hard Top Sippy Cups // Since most of Jack's sippy cups have a soft top and he has learned how to make them squirt juice all over the place, I decided it was time to get a few with hard tops. I just grabbed a random pack of Mickey Mouse ones at Target and we love them! (Even though their online reviews are awful.) They don't leak and since Jack can't pull out the top, I don't have to clean up any major spills. They are also easier to clean because they are just two parts instead of 3 or 4. I definitely recommend getting some if you have a curious toddler like mine who will figure out how to disassemble the others!

4. Convertible Car Seat // We actually haven't purchased this yet, but we are going to for Christmas. Jack still has 15 pounds to go before he weighs too much for his infant car seat, but he is getting too tall for it and this seems like the perfect time to get something new. We have done our research and will be getting the Graco My Ride 65, but it seems like most car seats are basically the same! We just already have a Graco seat and absolutely love it. It will be nice to have a seat that can be forward facing when we are ready.

What would you put on your one-year-old's NEED list? Stay tuned for WEAR and READ!