no worries with all free clear.

Anyone who has ever been around a toddler for a day can usually sum it up in one word: messy. Jack is at a very curious age, which has him constantly rolling in dirt, rubbing unknown substances in his hair, and flinging food across the room. He has recently discovered his independence and insists on spoon-feeding himself, and while I am all for letting him learn and figure things out on his own, it usually turns into an absolute nightmare for his clean-up crew, AKA me. 
Trying to run two small businesses while being a stay at home parent has me pretty busy, so I am always looking for worry-free ways to clean things up quickly. Now that it is warming up, we usually take our meals outside so I can easily hose off the mess. However, Jack doesn't take too kindly to me hosing him off outside, which is why I love all free clear laundry detergent for the countless loads of laundry that we rack up every week. It's tough on stains, which we have plenty of, yet gentle enough for the whole family.
As a mom, I do everything in my power to make sure my little one is happy and pain-free all of the time, so the last thing I want to worry about is if the laundry detergent I am using is going to give my baby itchy, irritated skin. Laundry is something that should require as little brain power as possible so you can focus on other more pressing tasks during the day. I love that I can do my laundry quickly and worry-free knowing that all free clear is the #1 recommended detergent brand by Dermatologists, Allergists, and Pediatricians for sensitive skin. Plus, it's safe for use in standard and HE machines. It rinses clean and has a gentle, 100% hypoallergenic formula.  Powerful clean. Gentle on skin.
Unlike many other natural type laundry products I have tried, the free clear fabric softener actually makes your clothes feel soft and amazing, and the detergent gets out dirt/chocolate/other brown gross toddler stains with absolutely no problem. We have been using all free clear products since long before they offered to sponsor this post, and I would recommend them to anyone, whether you have kids with sensitive skin or not! If you want to be like me and not have to worry about your laundry, check out all free clear products in the laundry aisle next time you are out shopping. They carry a range of products from laundry pods to fabric softeners and liquid detergents, and we love them all!

Jack Turns One!

Well, now that Jack is FIFTEEN months old, I figured it was about time I would blog about his first birthday party! We had a fun little celebration the weekend before his birthday at our little basement apartment with family and and close friends, and it was perfect! I decided on a fun confetti party theme, which means we are still finding confetti in every nook & cranny in our house, but it was totally worth it. Jack loved the confetti filled balloons! The ball pit was a big hit with Jack's little friends that came by, as were all the toys he received. We had caramel apples and oreo truffles for treats, as well as the cutest cake made by my friend Rachel. In true Jack fashion, we had our dessert first, and then went to dinner after the party.

As you can see, Jack was NOT a fan of his cake. He was alright at first, but he was having a hard time getting through the fondant layer so I cut a slice off the back so that he could get to the chocolate inside. After I did that, he completely lost it! He just screamed/panicked the rest of the time it was on his tray, which was both sad and hilarious at the same time. I think the poor guy was just exhausted at that point! We had such an exhaustingly great time with all our guests, and Jack definitely was spoiled! Thanks to his birthday being so close to Christmas, he now has more toys than any one-year-old needs, so we have to hide them away in our storage closet and cycle through them every couple weeks or else our house would be taken over by stuffed animals and alphabet puzzles. :)

As stressful and pointless it seemed at times to put together a birthday party for someone who will never remember it happened, we are so glad that we did this! It was a great night and the memories and pictures are ones we can share with Jack for years to come.