Stairway to Healthy

Remember when I posted my "before" pictures and then never posted anything else about fitness? Well, that's because after losing about 25 pounds post-baby, I hit a rut. I had ten pounds left to hit my pre-pregnancy weight and it seemed like NOTHING I could do would make those last ten pounds budge. (I blame breastfeeding!) So, when I stumbled across Carly Hussey on Instagram, I was intrigued. Carly is a fitness coach who hosts monthly challenge groups to help people on their "Stairway to Healthy." I joined her August group, which was based around this 30 day ab challenge, paired with an 80/20 clean eating plan and 30 minutes of daily exercise:


For a dollar a day, Carly helps you form an exercise plan, talks you through clean eating, and gives you access to a private Facebook support group throughout the month. Everyone knows that getting healthy is a lot easier when you have a support system, so the Facebook group was very helpful for me. On days that I forgot my workout or was tempted to eat a million cookies, the other women posting in the group kept me in check! Plus, the eating plan is so easy to follow because if I wanted to treat myself to something sugary one day, I could have it! I just had to make sure to keep 80% of my diet strict so that I could have some freedom in the other 20%. Being part of this challenge made weight loss and becoming healthier overall seem more realistic.

Unfortunately, I dislocated my knee right at the beginning of the challenge so I wasn't able to be as faithful to the group as I would have liked, but that didn't stop me from toning up and losing a couple inches! Thanks mainly to the support group, 80/20 eating plan and quitting soda, I am now down seven pounds from when I started! The group for October is "30 Miles in 30 Days" and I am so excited to recommit to another challenge and see even more awesome results.

If you are interested in joining up with us in October, you are in luck! Carly is offering 50% off the October challenge, which makes it just fifty cents a day... DEFINITELY worth it! If you are interested in joining, you can find more information and contact Carly on her Facebook page: Stairway to Healthy or on Instagram: @CarlyMHussey.

I received a free 30-day fitness challenge in exchange for this post, but my opinions and passion for this method are definitely all my own!

What We've Been Up To Lately

S C O T T :
graduated from Brigham Young University with his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering!!! It has been such a huge weight off our family to have him done with school. He is sticking with his old job of Engineering Technician while we slowly try and find a new one that is better suited to his degree. For now, we are just enjoying seeing him more than two hours a day and taking it easy!

B R I E L L E :
also graduated, but from physical therapy, so it's not nearly as cool. I dislocated my knee a few weeks ago while I was home alone with the baby, which was a very traumatizing experience, so I have been in physical therapy to try and guarantee it will never happen again. I had my final appointment this past week and am excited to be able to do more exercise than walking. Now that Jack has been out with us as long as he was growing inside me (39 weeks in, 39 weeks out!) and my knee is in the clear, I have no excuse for being lazy. I always told myself I could take it easy for the first 9 months postpartum, but that magic time is up and it is time to get serious, so send your favorite at-home workouts my way!

J A C K :
is growing like a weed, even though he still relatively small for his age. He just learned to clap and loves to play patty cake with daddy and it melts my heart! Every stage with him is my favorite stage and I am always so excited to see what he will learn next.  He pulls himself up on just about everything, and can even stand on his own for a few seconds before he gets scared. He will be walking in no time and it scares me to death. He definitely keeps us busy and mamma is TIRED, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

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