twelve months of jack | month four.

Can my little bubba be four months old already?  I know, I say it every month but seriously! Time really has flown by.  His little personality is starting to show through with his constant laughs, squeals, and little giggles... He is so fun to be around! We are very, very lucky to have him in our family.
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WEIGHT: 15 pounds (43%)
HEIGHT: 24 inches (35%)

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At four months, Jack has the sweetest laugh, loves going on walks, staring at himself in the mirror, and playing with his toy football, and would spend all day in the bath tub if we let him (which is quite a turnaround from his days of dreading tub time!) Kicking things is still his favorite past time and he is constant smiles. He is sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hour stretches at night and sleeps in until at least 10 every morning, which we obviously love. He hardly cries, unless he misses one of his ever-so-loved naps, has to get his toenails clipped, or doesn't get some boobie juice precisely every two hours.
We started him on solids this past week in an effort to give momma a break from the constant feedings! We started with bananas and he loved it. He kept grunting when I didn't get the spoon loaded up fast enough and would lunge for the spoon every time I got it within six inches of his mouth. I am glad that he seems to love solids so far! Here's to hoping he doesn't turn out to be a picky monster like his mom. We plan to make all of our own baby food so I am excited for all the fun combinations we can try! Any veteran moms out there have any baby food tips or recipes? I would love to hear as I am basically clueless when it comes to this new stage in the little guy's life.  You can also expect me to be sharing some of our favorite flavor combinations here in a few weeks.

Here's to another month of playing house with our sweet baby Jack!


day fifteen.

First of all, thank you all so much for your sweet words on last week's fitness post. As scared as I was to post those pictures and share the details of my weight loss journey, I am so glad I did.  That, along with all your sweet comments, emails, and texts, have motivated me in ways you wouldn't believe!  I just completed Day 15 of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge and am feeling awesome. I have seen so much improvement in just the last 10-15 days, AKA I can do more than one push-up in a row now. :) I am actually to the point where I look forward to working out every day, which is something I never thought I would say!

Another big motivator for me this past week was joining in on the MyFitnessPal Challenge that Deidre from Love, The Skinnys put together.  You get daily points for tracking your food, staying within your calorie limit, avoiding sweets, and exercising. I set my calorie goal a little high (1,700 a day) because I am breastfeeding and I want to be sure I am getting enough for my baby, as well as establishing healthy eating habits that I can actually sustain long-term.  We are paired up with an accountability partner who tracks our points for us, and whoever has the most points at the end wins over $200! I definitely believe that reporting your results to someone is one of the best ways to stay on track with your goals. If you find yourself struggling to stick to your guns when it comes to working out, find a partner! And if you need an accountability partner, shoot me an email. I am always up for some good old fashioned motivating!

Since starting the MFP Challenge, my biggest victory has been that the husband and I only went out for fast food once, which is amazing considering we used to go out at least once, sometimes twice a day! I am an extremely picky eater but I have been forcing myself to add some variety into my diet and finding creative ways to get enough protein every day since I don't eat meat. It has been fun to plan out my meals every day and find new recipes that both Scott and I will enjoy!

Our favorite meal/snack lately has been this fruit salad with honey lime dressing. It is ridiculously easy to make, delicious, and pretty much as healthy as I eat. Just chop up your choice of fruits in a bowl-- our favorite combo so far is strawberries, blueberries, green grapes, canteloupe, pineapple, and mango --and pour over them a mixture of 3 Tbs. lime juice and 1/4 c. honey. The sauce helps preserve the fruit and gives it a little extra kick, making it a little more fun to eat than plain fruit.

As far as the number on the scale, I haven't seen much change but I haven't let that discourage me! I feel great, have tons of energy, and husband even commented that my butt & belly are disappearing... Believe me, if he notices something like that, it's a big deal! I also have been using my heart rate monitor lately while babywearing and it is amazing how many extra calories carrying Jack burns!  It makes me excited to get up and do the dishes or go on a walk because I know I can be close to my baby and get in a good calorie burn at the same time. It's all about those non-scale victories and I can't wait to start seeing some actual scale-related victories as well!

Thank you again for all your sweet words. I love hearing from all of you and having the support of so many people has honestly been the best motivator. I know I am still new to this, but if you have any questions on Bikini Body Mommy, my meal plan, or just plain old life, don't be afraid to ask!