Thank You!

27 August 2015

THANK YOU to everyone who filled out my little survey last week! Your responses were so helpful and I loved all the sweet little notes that were left in the comments made my day. I am so grateful to be a part of this community of uplifting bloggers! Thanks to you, I am ready to start exploring new directions with this little online space. Things you can expect to see more of around here include: 

FREE PRINTABLES// Who doesn't love free things? I have offered a few free printables in the past, and I loved the challenge of coming up with a new, unique design that people would really want to take the time to print and display in their home! I never was able to stick with doing it very consistently, but I plan on changing that. The topics and type of printable will vary, but starting in September you can plan on a new free printable every week. I've got all sorts of ideas in the works for calendars, budgeting books, potty training charts, and a bunch more adorable designs you can frame and hang in your home or office, so get excited! *insert party emoji here* (My iPhone has spoiled me and now I feel like I can't write without emojis! haha)

OUR DAY TO DAY LIFE// This is a hard one because, like I mentioned before, I am still trying to find the balance of sharing the right amount without oversharing about our home and personal life. All of our most personal things will still only be shared on the private blog, but I do plan on sharing more of our day to day life here! Those are my favorite types of posts to read on other blogs, as well as my favorite types of posts to write and I am hoping the balance of sharing the right amount will be something I can learn over time.

DESIGN & CODING TIPS// I'm definitely not an expert at design or coding, but I have been designing blogs for a couple years now and recently hit the 250 blog design mark! I have picked up a few little tricks along the way and would love to share them with other bloggers. I don't plan to share anything super complicated because I am far from a professional coder, but if there is a certain thing you have been wanting to know how to do for your own blog, let me know in the comments below and I can definitely make a tutorial happen! 

LDS RESOURCES// There have been so many times that I hear my mom/sister/friend/myself complaining that they need a cute handout for visiting teaching or their lesson and don't have the time to make one themselves. Well, hello! I am planning to start posting visiting teaching handouts to go with the message every month, as well as a few lesson aids for Relief Society, Young Women's and Primary every once in a while! I get to exercise my creative ability and your Saturday night stress session gets a little less stressful. Win, win! If you have been dying for anything in particular or have a great idea, send it my way!

WOMEN'S FASHION// Honestly, this one is to challenge myself more than anything. I hardly ever get dressed in anything but workout clothes, but if I do, it is usually just a plain t-shirt and jeans or leggings. The idea of posting pictures of myself and my outfits online absolutely terrifies me! That being said, I know that all the greatest things happen when I am outside my comfort zone and a little bit of fashion blogging is just what I need. I'm not promising my outfits will be life changing or that I won't look like a giraffe in all my awkward poses, but I can promise that you can see a tiny bit more of that sort of stuff around these parts. Wish me luck!

There will also be posts about budgeting, gift ideas, product reviews, food, weight loss, parenting and random ramblings thrown in occasionally because those are all things that are a part of my day-to-day life, and this is a lifestyle blog after all! ;) Again, thanks to all of you who helped me by filling out that survey and leaving encouraging words. I am so excited to get this blog up and running again, and I hope you are just as excited to follow along. If you aren't already, be sure to follow me on social media and Bloglovin' so you can be updated with every new post!

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PS- If you filled out my survey & left your email, there is a little surprise waiting in your inbox! xo

Five Ways to Save Money on Kids' Clothes

22 August 2015

I'll be the first to admit I'm not super fashionable. I like to be comfy and wear a super exciting combo of jeans/stretchy pants and a plain tee every day, and I am totally okay with that. However, I have a small obsession when it comes to dressing Jack and pride myself in the fact that he is always dressed well. If there is one thing I have learned in my two years of shopping for kid's clothes, it's that all the super cute ones are also super pricey! We stick to a fairly strict budget, so I have had to figure out some tricks to save money on all those tiny, adorable tees and shoes that I love so much and I have come out victorious with these five tips to getting cute clothes for your kids while staying on budget!
Great tips for saving money on kids clothes!
1. Sign up for emails. This might sound so simple, but it is crucial in knowing when all the best sales are happening! Not only that, but a lot of places will offer a discount code just for signing up for their mailing list. Some of our favorites that regularly offer amazing sales are Carter's for bodysuits and pants, GAP for literally everything, Children's Place for pajamas, and Sly Fox Threads for graphic tees. Not only that, but a lot of handmade shops offer exclusive discounts and flash sales if you follow them on social media.

2. Think ahead. Retailers usually put their seasonal items on clearance after a while to make room for new inventory, so think ahead to what your kids will need and grab a few things for a great deal! The spring before Jack was born, I bought the cutest coat in the size I thought he would need that winter. Not only did I get it for 60% off because it was out of season, but it was an amazingly high quality item that ended up fitting him for two winters.

3. Buy it big. I have yet to meet a kid who isn't "growing like a weed" at one point or another, and trying to keep them in shirts that don't show their belly and pants that don't look like capris could be a full-time job! I know this won't work for everything, but in most cases, I have been able to buy Jack's clothes in the next size up so he can wear them longer. Sure, he might look like a gangster 80% of the time because his shirts are a little oversized and his pants occasionally sag, but a few safety pin alterations are well worth the money we have saved!

4. Don't be afraid to buy secondhand. This was a big deal for me because I am not a huge thrifter, but once I realized how quickly babies grow, I knew I was going to have to get a few things secondhand if I didn't want Jack living in a white onesie his entire life. We were blessed to get quite a few hand-me-downs the first year of his life, but I have recently started "online thrifting" to get him name brand items for a fraction of the cost! There are a few sites and apps you can use, but my favorite so far is Totspot. It is very similar to Poshmark, but for kid clothes! Most sellers have excellent prices and everyone is really up front about any flaws or stains that may be on the item. I have a wishlist about 20 miles long and have even been able to sell a few of Jack's outgrown items on there to earn money to buy him clothes for fall (including the cutest jeans for only 97 cents!) You can use my referral code POKGCG when you sign up to get a $2 credit, plus you get 20% off and free shipping on your first order! Check out the app and website  and let me know what you think.

5. Use layers. Instead of buying an entirely new wardrobe with every season change, take advantage of layers! Cardigans, long sleeve white tees and jackets are our best friend when it gets cold. That way, Jack can still wear all his cute short sleeved items without freezing to death. Add a couple pairs of long pants and boots, and you've got a complete cold weather wardrobe without breaking the bank! And, if you are lucky enough, maybe those same short sleeve tees will still fit when the weather finally warms up again. ;)

I feel like I am just scratching the surface of dressing fashionably on a budget, so I am always looking for more ways to save! Do you have any other tips to share? Please post them in the comments below!

Opinions Needed!

19 August 2015

I know everything I have been posting has been some sort of sponsored post in one shape or another, and I sincerely apologize. I have been dealing with some health issues and the blog has been a low priority unless it can help us pay the bills. However, I have spent a lot of time thinking and planning the direction I want to take this blog. There is half of me that wants to become a dedicated blogger, posting daily and doing whatever it takes to grow my readership, but the other half just wants to get rid of the blog all together and I am constantly battling between the two decisions. I don't want to delete this blog because I have spent a lot of time on it over the years and I honestly love blogging. However, the Internet is a scary place, and it is so hard to find a balance of sharing personal details without getting too personal and possibly endangering my family. That being said, I did start a private blog to keep as a family journal (leave me your email if you want an invite!) and it has made me feel 100% better about sharing things when it can be in a private space! I think this will help me find a middle ground between being a hardcore blogger and not blogging at all.

That is where you come in! Jack and I have finally found a rhythm throughout the day which means I may have a little spare time to crank out a few blog posts every week, and I am really excited about the possibilities of where I can take this little blog! I want to keep this place a fun, inspirational zone but I am having a hard time narrowing down what topics I should focus on. I have created the survey below to get a better idea of where I should take this blog and what my readers would enjoy. If you could help me out by completing the survey, I would seriously appreciate it! Be sure to leave your email at the end because I will be picking one person to receive a $30 shop credit as a thank you for helping me out. xo

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