oh... fire.


so, it's 11 a.m. and i'm just waking up. lazy? maybe.
but before you judge, let me tell you a little bit about our night...

at 4:30 a.m. i was 1/4 awake, and could hear the people above us scrambling around and slamming things around.  i was tickeddon't they know what time it is?

one minute later, i was woke up by someone banging on our door & ringing our doorbell. thinking it was probably a crazy person & seeing how i was... not fully dressed...  i woke up scott and made him answer. i rolled back over and tried to fall asleep again while he groaned and muttered something about smoke. naturally, i thought he was nuts. 

that is, until he comes running in saying, "bri, there's a fire. we gotta get out. NOW!" oh... crap.  we couldn't find my pants. scott couldn't find a jacket. i thought we were gonna die.  thankfully, i found sweats and we hauled out of there quick. then, of course, scott insisted on locking our door. seriously, hun? the place is burning down and you're worried about if someone is gonna break in and steal our couch or something? anyway, we made it out to the street where everyone else was waiting. the smoke was super thick, but i could still see that we weren't the only ones having a hard time getting dressed. girls & guys in robes, mismatched shoes, no shoes, and gryffindor attire were scattered around the complex.  we didn't know anyone in our complex, but i'll tell ya, you learn a lot about people in a crisis. everyone was showing their true colors, for sure.

the police made us walk about a block away so we didn't die of smoke inhalation, and told us how a car in our parking garage had blown up.  that's all they knew. oh... cool. let's all pray it's not our car.
if you can see... it's smoke billowing out of our apartment. scary.

next they made us walk a couple blocks to a nearby church to get warm & wait for red cross. i guess they planned on us being out a while, but we were only there a couple hours before they said we could go back.  as we were all leaving, red cross showed up with donuts, water, blankets, and croissants.  thanks guys, way to be on top of things.

we got back to our apartment around 6:30 this morning and the whole place reeked of smoke.  we didn't want our balcony open because it was so cold & snowy, so we just had to deal with the stench.  hopefully none of us die of black lung or something.
firemen... they're still here trying to figure out what caused the explosion.

so now, i get to spend all day washing every blanket, article of clothing, towel, and couch coushion we own to try and get it to be a little less ...stinky.  we are super grateful, though, that smoke is the only thing we have to deal with and will be praying for whoever's car blew up. no bueno.

so, that's my adventure story for week one of marriage...
we are definitely in for a fantastic ride! (:

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  1. Wow! That sounds miserable!! I'm sorry. But not gonna lie, I may or may not have laughed just a little bit and thought to myself "of course this would happen to you." Especially in your first week of marriage. hahaha Good Luck!! :]