what {he} did: became a man. again.


scotty picked me up from school & said we were going to grab lunch with his best friend... i knew exactly what that meant. i was about to watch my husband complete the sensuous sandwich 24-inch challenge for the third time in his life.

{steps to becoming a man}

1- arrive at sensuous sandwich. order a 24-inch sandwich with as many toppings on it as possible. if you  simply get meat & cheese, you are a wimp.
2-get excited/scared at what you are about to take on. let your wife take as many pictures as she wants.
3- lay out your sandwich of choice [he got the tantalizer].  you may want your own table, as this challenge takes a lot of room. give yourself a pep-talk while you wait for the worker-girl to begin the timer.
4- eat. eat. eat! you have 30 minutes to eat all 24 of those inches. after about 18 inches, you might hit a wall. keep going. it will be worth it.
5- boom! finish off that last bite & give yourself a big thumbs up! tell the worker-girl to stop the time. [but she might have accidentally dropped the stopwatch in a bucket of water. no one will ever know your time. you win by default.]
6- collect your new sensuous shirt. this will allow you to get a free drink whenever you want by wearing it into any sensuous sandwich location. or, if you have three because you're just that manly, let your wife borrow one when she gets thirsty. you rock.
7- get a polaroid snapped of you & your shirt in a location of your choice. write your name, time, & clever catch phrase on the bottom & hang it on the wall to be forever immortalized in the sandwich wall of fame. [picture shown was from scott's first attempt over a year ago. catch phrase? yay texas.]

congratulations! you are now part of the 24-inch club, but more importantly, you are now a man.


  1. This is so cool! You should be proud! (: I hope you are having so much fun being married and living the life of a newly wed! (:

  2. Hello! I just found your blog & I love it. I am also a newlywed..we got married in July! Check out my blog...marriagefromscratch.blogspot.com. You have a new follower :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! You definitely put a smile on my face.
    Also, is it sad that I wish I lived near a Sensuous Sandwich so that I could do this? Or so that i could make husband do this so that I could bum off him and get free drinks?
    Probably a little, but that's okay!