professors shatter dreams.


ok, i'm not artistic at all. i can't paint, draw, or even color in the lines.
unfortunately, my final for humanities happened to be to produce a work of art.
fortunately, we were supposedly graded on effort and not skill.
so, i decided to make a happy tree out of buttons, and i actually became a little bit impressed with the outcome.  i spent a lot of time and frustration on it, and i was set to impress my lovely prof.

that is, until my professor made me feel like a complete idiot about it.
"oh... that's.... nice... why do you have so many buttons? ok.... next."
keep in mind that every other response he gave was either "so awesome!" or "super talented!" "amazing!" "oh my gosh how long did that take? you are fantastic!"

big failure on my part, and now i hate this piece of art i made.
and i kinda think i might burn it with all my other homework.
or maybe d.i. will be getting a new addition to it's thrifted goods.
all i know is i don't want it... it makes me feel stupid.

so, the moral of this story is: if you are a professor, or ever plan on being one... be more understanding of us un-artistic button picture makers. we are trying.


  1. Oh my gosh that is SO cute!! Definitely want to make one. Apparently your prof don't got taste ;)

  2. that is so cute! and it looks perfect in a nursery actually! maybe you should save it :)

  3. i'm impressed! it's way cute!!!

  4. Are you kidding me! This is super cute, and super creative! I love it, and if you get rid of it, I want it!

  5. Do not burn it! I just came across your blog some how and have to tell you how cute that is! It would be so cute in a little girls room (Pottery Barn might buy the idea from you!) What a horrible professor!

  6. Ummmm if you're gonna burn it, I'll take it. I love it!

    And since I'm not the first one that called dibs on it, I may just have to copy your idea, because it's awesome!!!

  7. What-flipping-ever.. do not burn that. I actually really really like it. and I NEVER lie. All caps for factness... factness is not a word.

  8. Your professor is an idiot.