we're back!


hello lovelies! we are just getting home from our first vacation as a married couple, and we loved it!  the d family was nice enough to get us three-day park hopper passes to disneyland & california adventure, and we also got to spend a little time shopping and relaxing on the beach.

day one: memorial day
we spent our first day in california at some crazy busy outlet malls, pushing around this cutie in the minnie stroller and oooh-ing & aahhh-ing over the pretty watches at fossil. luckily for me, mister d rocks and bought me one! i'm obsessed.  we spent that night at grandma evy's house eating pasta and playing in the yard.

day two: disneyland
our first day at disney was spent running from ride to ride, wearing matching shirts, and waiting in ridiculously long lines.  also, i am no good at the buzz lightyear game.  i rode "it's a small world" for the first time & ate frozen strawberry lemonade for lunch.  we both emerged from the park sunburned, tired, and ridiculously happy.

day three: california adventure
it was ridiculously hot when we were in california adventure, so i ended up looking like a wet baboon most of the day from sweating. gross, right?  we rode tower of terror more times than i can count, and filled up on sourdough bread from the pacific wharf cafe.  also, i have never seen kids that are more afraid of the disney characters than our three nephews.  they would take off running in the other direction any time we saw one... pretty sure buzz made little brody wet himself.  poor kids.  we spent the evening watching the world of color water show, which totally blew my mind. i would highly suggest seeing it!

day four: newport beach

i love the beach! we spent all day relaxing in the sand, staring down the seals under the pier, and exploring the cute little beach town of newport.  we found the most delicious frozen bananas at this little beach shop called jane's, which i totally accept as the perfect dinner.  one of the fishermen on the pier caught a sting ray & let me take a picture with it.  i was scared to death because it was still moving around and i was sure it was going to kill me. luckily, i survived and look super tough in my picture. (: haha

day five: disney & california adventure
we were so exhausted by the last day that we decided to do some of the more relaxing things.  we rode buzz lightyear a few times {and, of course, i got my butt kicked}, spent time at disney innovations seeing how i would look as an old woman, hung out with the nephews, and what day would be complete without a few tower of terror adventures?  the boy next to me started stripping on the way up, and i was just a little bit weirded out. also, i never wanna get old if i'll look like that.

the rest of our time was spent driving, getting to know the in-laws better, and taking much-needed naps! we had a wonderful time in california but are very happy to be home & back in our own bed to sleep off some of our disney hangover.

 i now have a tan-line where my wedding ring goes, which makes me ridiculously happy, and once the sunburn goes away i will be totally ready for some more summer adventures! we can't wait (:

also, check out my awesome new sponsors over there ------> and this guest post i did a couple days ago for one of my sponsors, the lovely amy lynn! we have both spent the last week in the same area on vacation, but never ran into each other! :( anyway, go check it out & be sure to tell her congrats on the engagement!

xo, b.


  1. I love this! One of Mike and I's first vacations as a married couple was almost exactly the same, and it was such a blast!
    You guys are absolutely adorable, and I'm so glad you had a good vacation and got to take a little break from the real world!! :)

  2. Fun vacation! I'm jelaous of you guys! I haven't been to Disneyland since October (I used to work there so this is a big deal hahaha)! And I LOVE World of Color! I worked there when it premiered and it was so much fun! Also, the frozen lemonade is my FAVORITE thing at the park, next time you should try the raspberry flavor too, SOOO good ;) And I'm jealous of that delicious looking ice cream at the beach!

  3. What a great blog! I read your "love story" and I was so thrilled to read that you're LDS. I seem to have a hard time finding young LDS couple blogs. I'll be following!

  4. haha we truly had the same vacation! i love it.. also thanks for the little shout out :)

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